Lingam Massage

The Lingam Restorative massage is the pinpoint the finish of each massage therapy, some think of it a ”Happy End”. Here we putt the focus on the increase power and has to be taken away for the specific en complete calm experiencing.

It will probably be applyed afther all the massages you possess orderd on our internet site. The Lingam Massage will not be the aim but rater a bonus massage therapy and is particularly unusual for a gentlemen not to have an orgasmic pleasure during this program. The Lingam is actually a eroticsm in the highest normal. Do you want ? Now allow us to drive the influx!

Which services contained in this bundle

  • It`s included with all other massages
  • Particular & special designed oil.
  • Totally free
  • Whole pleasure of body and mind
  • 100% Pleasure
  • Sexual excitement, robust orgasmic pleasure

Whether you have ordered an ordinary regular Swedish restorative massage or perhaps a Sensual at every sort of therapeutic massage you will obtain a free of charge Lingam massage house. Were you aware that you can currently make a choice of our stunning masseuses?

Check out our page today and bought the lady that suits you! These incredible girls function each day to provide you with the “hard doing work men” the received rest.

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Note: service available from 9AM to 5AM on Monday to Sunday.


For a full body treatment with one of our best masseuses in Amsterdam, you are at the right address. At any time you like we are ready to service you in any way. Enjoy the pleasure of our unique massage concept.


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